Melt My Heart Bath Bomb



 On the quest for a bath bomb that can whisk you away to the delectable world of creme brulee desserts? Look no further than the Ice Cream Heart Bath Bomb! This exquisite bomb boasts top notes of delicately torched sugar and a whisper of coconut, unfolding into a luscious creamy custard heart. A touch of rum enhances the vanilla and maple base, creating an aromatic experience that's nothing short of delightful. Picture immersing yourself in a bath filled with this divine scent – a treat for your senses! • Meticulously hand-pressed, air-brushed, and hand-painted for an artisan touch. How to Indulge: Transform your bath into a haven by filling it with warm water, introducing your fabulous new bath bomb, and easing into a state of relaxation. Our bath bombs promise a moisturizing, enduringly vibrant fizz, ensuring a truly tranquil experience – the perfect way to cap off a demanding day. Each of these bath bombs weighs approximately 9oz, providing a substantial and luxurious bathing expe